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18 October 2009 @ 04:06 am
This is why I do this.  
I just had such a good night, y'all. I haven't seen 4 am from this end in well over a year -- and I haven't seen it sober in a lot longer than that -- and I've been enjoying the heck out of the last ten hours. It was nothing extraordinary, just a great final show, a great strike. J and My Favorite Pirate came to see the show, as did a friend from work and her husband, and I got to stand in the lobby and chat with them after the show like a normal person -- I haven't had a lot of people come see it, so that felt so good. And then HB's wife didn't come, which was a relief, since she usually seemed to want to come to cast events and hang all over him, which was always irritating. And HB was flirty with me all night, which I love. And basically the cast member I don't especially like bailed early on strike so the rest of us got to hang out without her, which was also a relief. It was like the best-possible-worlds version of this show. And after strike we went to IHOP and were silly and stupid and ate platefuls of carbs. And now I am retiring to bed a happy flamingo.
Current Mood: happyhappy